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The dream world is always ghost-quiet as if there are no other humans existing in the world but you. In the dream world, the line between the living and the dead is splinted. If one is not careful he may fall into a sleep that takes the soul to worlds unknown. Take your dreams seriously okay? Here, I am going to show you the meaning of dreams connected to the water. This piece is for those who always see themselves by the waterside and those who suffer constant nightmares.

If you are not in control of your life in the dream world (the spirit realm) you can never have a good life in the material world. Dreams show the real state of your being in the unseen realms of reality. The version of yourself you see in the dream is your real self. The version of you that you can feel and touch in the physical is just a shadow of the real you. In the mortal mind of men, the only thing they call real is the things they can access with their five senses, if men can’t touch, feel or smell something they consider the thing not to be real. This is the foundation of why we call men carnal beings. What you feel and touch in this world is temporary and therefore a shadow of what is real. Because in the spirit realm, what is real to us is what is eternal. That part of you that lives after death is what we call the real part of you. And that is what you see whenever you travel to the dream world. Let me ask you a question, ‘’what was your dream last night?’’

Again, I ask, ‘’What causes constant bad dreams?’’ If a person refuses to find out who he is and to know the purpose of his or her existence in this world, the Lord releases the dogs to buffet him. (See Amos 5:5, Isaiah 45:7, and Joel 2:25). The proud waters will flood your world if you refuse to know your purpose in life. Get up and look inward beyond your shadows. It is the Lord that works in you to will and to do His good pleasure. Repent and live because God made you for Himself. God did not create you for yourself, He made you for a purpose, and if you refuse to acknowledge that, you can never have peace. Even if you have money, on your dying day you will meet with Him live and direct. *See Revelation 4:11, and Romans 8:20-22.

Let me let the cat out of the bag. Any person who always dreams of water has a soul tie with a spirit from the water. There are four kingdoms in the water: the marine kingdom, the Asmodee kingdom, the Leviathan kingdom, and the Mammoth kingdom. If your life has a covenant with any of these kingdoms you will always be seeing yourself in the water. In my new book, I showed people how to break these soul ties. Examples of dreams that shows you have a soul tie with the water spirits kingdom include sex in the dream, playing with snakes in the dream, dancing in the dream, having parties in the dream, swimming in the ocean in the dream, having your hair braided by an unknown woman in the dream, dogs chasing you in the dream, the mad man chasing you in the dream, always seeing yourself by the shores of a river in the dream, swimming with fishes in the dream, having a haircut in the dream and so on. I will advise you to get my new book THE MASTERS OF DREAM INTERPRETATION on AMAZON.

If you don’t have control of your life in the dream world, you will be floating in the ocean of circumstances in the physical realm. If you notice that your joy doesn’t last, it means you are not in charge of your life. Again, if you notice that every night you must have a nightmare it is a bad sign, and if it prolongs, it may lead to untimely death.

I will continue my teaching about the dream world and how to live a life of dominion. Follow this page and you will surely give glory to God. Brethren, if you live in Nigeria and you need a copy of the new book, send a WhatsApp message to me at 08071718387. Hurry! Limited copies are available. This book will make you understand how dreams are interpreted, and what to do to take charge of your life.


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