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Life is full of mysteries. The revelation here will wow you. There are lots of things hidden under the carpet in the dream world. The dream world communicates to us in the language of signs and symbols. Man’s existence here on Earth is a mere dream. Do you know that there is another you that is in a state of sleep in the world from where you came from into this world? Let me take you there in a moment. If this self you see here is the real you, there is no way it would have been buried in the grave when one dies. God is wonderful. When a person is dreaming, he or she is having an experience with his consciousness or his soul, out of his body. The same goes for our existence here. We are just here in our minds. Our real self is in our star in one of the universes of God. When a person dies, we say he or she is unconscious because the person has left this dreamland called planet Earth and he beholds himself as he truly is. (See 1 Corinthians 13:12, and Hebrews 9:27). In this realm, there are different types of symbols used to convey information to us. For instance, if a person is vomiting in the dream, it means the person is undergoing deliverance from the spirit realm; if a person is wee weeing in the dream, it means the person will fall sick if he didn’t pray against it; if a person is bathing in the dream, it means he or she needs spiritual cleansing; if a person is poo-pooing in the dream, it means the person’s finances are being diverted; wearing new clothes in the dream, means putting up new habits; if a person is washing clothes in the dream, it means that God will use him to change the lives of people around him; if a person’s tooth fell in the dream, it means, that something hard or a bad omen will happen to the person or someone around you; if a person is watching TELEVISION in a dream, it means that are people monitoring you to kill you. Dreams about death come in a very funny way but they are actually a serious sign of danger. If you have any of the following dreams, it is a sign that you have the spirit of death haunting you: seeing one’s shadow in the dream, traveling by airplane in the dream, seeing one’s face reflect on water in the dream, looking at oneself in a mirror in the dream, having one’s birthday in the dream, plucking mangoes in the dream, having a fall from a mountain in the dream and many more. However, there are dreams about death that people miss interpreting: when people dream that they were having a burial ceremony for someone, it means that the person has gotten an extension of life from the Lord. When you dream that rapture is taking place, it means that God is warning you about the spirit of untimely death. These things happen like this in the dream world because the language the spirit world uses to talk to us on this level is the language of signs, symbols, and parables. I would like everyone to have a copy of my new book on the interpretation of dreams. Not knowing the meaning of your dreams can put your life at risk. If you need a copy of the book, send a WhatsApp message to me at +2348071718387 and it will be shipped to you. Jesus Christ is Lord now and forever.

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